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Giormani presents a Groundbreaking Sofa Series - KubeArt
Explores new lifestyle of trendiness, playfulness, functionality

Renowned tailor-made sofa expert and local arts patron GIORMANI has always been the driving force behind creativity in Hong Kong. As winter is at the doorstep, GIORMANI joins hands with local designer Kenny Li in launching the most versatile sofa collection ever, called KubeArt. Inspired by the colourful and challenging Magic Cube gadget, KubeArt is the product of breakthrough after two years of stringent research and experiments. It gets rid of the conventional & rectangular one-piece sofa back & seat cushions and replaces them with sponge cubes that carry 6 different colours for the 6 facets! This design offers the ultimate flexibility in mix-and-match or even pattern building, creating truly unique ambiances that can always suit other furniture and perfect for all occasions. KubeArt is certainly the most personalized, youthful, and tasteful expression of young hearts.

Four Seasons Played by the Magic Cube

As a fashion designer, Kenny loves to experiment with different styles, particularly those with greater versatility and overflowing energy. That explains why he chooses Magic Cube to be the source of inspiration for this sofa collection. KubeArt allows one to freely construct his own dream sofa, for instance, the three-seater with 48 cubes can be arranged into a maximum of 288 combinations! Kenny has designed four colour schemes, named “four seasons”, for KubeArt: Cool for winter forests and solitary rocks; Natural for spring greenery and harmony; Warm for summer blossoms; andWood for autumn fallen leaves and serenity. Kenny wishes to chase away the hectic atmosphere and bring nature into homes by rejuvenating the designs of KubeArt sofas with the natural colours and beauty of “four seasons”. In addition, KubeArt sofas are not just for functional use. Kenny injected a sense of interactive playfulness into the sofas, turning them into gigantic toys ready to be constructed and reconstructed. Time to turn your home into a playground for fun-loving adults and kids! ''

Sofa available at below shops:
Giormani ‧ MegaBox, iSquare, Causeway Bay Plaza Phase2

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