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Kenny, Li Koon Yin 李冠然
Member of FDA and HKDA

Kenny Li is the Founder and Creative Director at FAVE, an awards-winning Hong Kong designer, Kenny has his hand in many areas of design, including collaborations with fashion and lifestyle stores Crocodile, G.O.D. and Muji etc. In 2012, he established his own fashion brand FAVE and launched a “collar collection”, his collars are a cross between clothes and necklaces, adding a unique edge to outfits. In the same year, he was listed “10 Best upcoming fashion & accessories designers across the globe” by ELLE. In 2013, he has won 40Under40 Asia designer award from the Perspective. Some of his fashion works have been acquired by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum as permanent collection. In 2014, FAVE has created a new ready-to-wear collection for autumn and winter named "GEOMETRIC ART".

李冠然,Fave創辦人及設計總監,Kenny同時是一位多元的香港設計師,涉獵不同設計領域,包括與時尚和生活有關的Crocodile(鱷魚恤), G.O.D.(住好D), Giormani(茲曼尼)及無印良品的合作等。在2012年,他創立了自己的時裝品牌FAVE並推出了首個「Collar collection」,他的衣領既是衣服亦是頸鏈,增添了獨特的時尚元素。同年,他被ELLE選為全球十個最佳新進時裝及配飾設計師之一,及贏得HKDA環球設計大的銀獎及香港最佳設計奬。在2013年,他贏得了Perspective 舉辦40under40 亞洲設計師獎項。他的一系列作品現已獲香港文化博物館作為永久收藏。於2014年,FAVE發表幾何為主題的秋冬時尚便服系列。


40 Under 40 Talent Award
Sustainable Fashion of Miao
HKDA Global Design Awards • Hong Kong Best Award — HKDA
Sustainable Fashion of Miao
HKDA Global Design Awards • Silver Award — HKDA
China Red - Paper Couture
HKDA Global Design Awards • Bronze Award — HKDA
FAVE Collar Collection
HKDA Global Design Awards • Silver Award — HKDA
KubeArt Sofa
Finalist of Concept Award — Spark Award, New York
The Most Valuable Commitment
Best Poster — Good 50x70 Poster Competition, Milan, Italy
The East X Kenny Li X G.O.D.(住好D) Exhibition & workshop was held at Hopewell Centre
Presenting new Fashion pieces at Hong Kong Heritage Museum for exhibition & fashion show
Presenting the art concept installation at deTour, PMQ
Invited by Antalis & Audi, presenting “Design is Everywhere” Paper Fashion Exhibition.
Invited and granted by German Design Council & Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, had an exchange trip to Germany at DMY for creative inspirations.
Being a speaker of a ECO Chic Fashion Competition - The ECOChic Design Award. Kenny's ECO fashion was exhibited at Harvey Nichols.
Invited by Crocodile Fashion Brand , did a Charity Tee Project for raising fund for Japan after the tsunami. 100% income was donated to Salvation Army & raised more than HK$ 100,000 for Japan survivors.
Invited by Canon and Antalis, presenting “Think + Print” Iphone Case & Packaging Exhibition.
Invited and granted by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, had an exchange trip to Japan at Tokyo Design Week for creative inspirations.
Invited by Hong Kong SAR Government, presenting “Fashion Visionaries Fashion Show & Exhibition” at Shanghai Expo.
Invited and granted by Muji Japan, presenting “My Chair” Exhibition, promoting children creativities development.

Presenting Fashion works in Victoria Prison - DeTour.

Invited and granted by New World Group, created his first solo Artistic Furniture Exhibition with the theme “HOME SWEET HOME” at K11 Art Mall.
Curated and ran a non-profit making project named “Good Poster HK”, with the aim to promote the importance of design when converting social messages to general public. Also, build a bridge for designers and general public to discuss and share their thoughts.
Invited as a judge for a fashion competition in Hong Kong District Culture Festival.
Invited by Hong Kong Design Institute, presenting “Miao Culture & Sustainable Fashion Design Exhibition”.
Invited by Elements shopping mall(圓方), presenting over 10 feet Victorian gown with thousands Swarovski.

Awarded by “Good 50X70” at Italy La Triennial Museum, awarded visual was exhibited world-wide, from Europe to America, From Mexico to Asia.

Invited by Graniph Japan, presenting a Crossover Tee Project.
Invited by IKEA & Home Square, presenting seasonable furniture with given theme “Christmas Home in Swedish Red”.
Invited by Sun Hung Kai Group, presenting paper couture together with notable master Beatrice Coron.

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